Tales from the Treasurer – meeting held on 12th July 2017

The group were 8-strong at our most recent meeting and we had lively initial discussion about a few matters of business:

  • the need to find a new venue for our meetings – it was agreed to try the alcove in Queens Hotel for next meeting (if it is available – Rosie to confirm!) The group listed many other possibilities so we have lots of options to try!
  • the NW had been invited to take part in Dundee’s efforts to become European City of Culture in 2022.  Submissions were being requested for creative projects which would reflect Dundee’s cultural status and strong links with Europe.  It was agreed that the group would draft a submission ahead of the deadline which was 31st July.  Group will discuss at next meeting.
  • the bookmarks were in production and should be ready by end July.
  • the Law Hill poetry competition has launched – more info available on the Friends of Dundee Law facebook page.

Colin then chaired the discussion of various pieces of writing shared by members of the group:

  • Richard had written a quirky short story about time travel with the idea that time travellers might be nostalgic for the future rather than the past – a fabulous concept.  The piece was well received and included Richard’s usual excellent dialogue and unique ideas.
  • Roddie shared a short story which had previously been circulated to the group – he had done some major editing and was keen to get a second opinion.  The story focussed on a group of hardy rock climbers, an inexperienced group of wanabee climbers, some dodgy rope work followed by calamity and some missing teeth!  Everyone agreed that Roddie had much improved the pacing of the story and the change to the narrative voice.  Heated discussion ensued about the alleged misogyny of one of the main characters – a very provoking discussion about writing characters whose behaviour, you and your audience may not necessarily like!  Good luck to Roddie in his competition entry with this piece.
  • Aileen had written a 50 word poem inspired by her summer 2016 experience of having an Oor Wullie statue moving ever closer to her front door.  The group agreed that it was well constructed and a fine example of what can be a very tricky format to write in.
  • Colin shared the beginnings of a piece which he had been commissioned (yes that’s right, commissioned!) to write.  It was very engaging and featured a character experiencing some sort of ‘groundhog five minutes’ rather then a groundhog day!  But there was lots more to it than that, and small clues to the very observant reader that perhaps things were not quite the same each time.  We look forward to reading more of this character.
  • David shared a continuation of his short story about a guy’s visit to a graveyard to the resting place of a long-lost love.  A poignant piece with great dialogue and which, as ever, left us wanting to hear the next instalment.  David explained that this might form part of a larger piece containing a series of interlinked stories and characters.

As always it was a most enjoyable meeting featuring a weird and wonderful variety of work!

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