Wittering From The Webmaster – 20th Sept 2017

Craig, our webmaster, gives us an update on our last meeting.

Eight of our members braved the downpour to make it along to our last meeting, and we had a very productive evening.

Firstly, we discussed the upcoming re-start of Zoe’s classes. We had been contacted by e-mail a couple of days prior to the meeting, and David C had replied on behalf of the group, discussing possible venue options. We are now awaiting a further response from Zoe.

Roddie also mentioned a class being held at the University on ‘The Business of Writing“. He has signed up for the first term, and thought it may be of interest to other group members, too.

The rest of the evening was almost entirely taken up with discussion of our proposed ‘Fifty Shades of Tay‘ publication. Abby had helpfully provided collated copies of all the submissions we have so far, and this included a number of new pieces – one from Fiona, two each from Abby, Craig, Susan and David C, three from David F and a whopping six from Roddie! Most were well received, with only minor amendments suggested, but a couple are likely to undergo greater revisions ahead of our next meeting. Abby agreed to collect together any changes or new pieces. We also all agreed to read back through the submissions we’ve had and try to identify any topics that we think should be covered but haven’t been so far. We also discussed the word count criteria, and agreed that a manual count should be carried out for all pieces, and that hyphenated words, words containing apostrophes and acronyms and initialisms will all be considered as single words.

Having covered all the short pieces, we rounded off the meeting by looking at the next part of David C’s story ‘You Told Me‘, which has taken a twist that even David said he hadn’t anticipated when he’d started out. We all look forward to seeing the completed work soon.

It was another packed evening, enjoyed by all who came along.

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