Chattering From The Chair – Wednesday 25th July 2018

Here’s our Chair, David Carson, with an update from our most recent meeting.

Nethergate Writers
Note of Meeting of 25 July 2015
Present: Aileen, Abby, Craig, Roddie, Ray, David C.
Apologies: Sue, Rosie, David F.

1. Business.
(a) 50 Shades update:
– Abby continues to liaise with Waterstones. Paperwork still to be completed.
– sales – Tartan Café a possible outlet (Craig)
– pop-up stall at Farmers’ Market (Roddie)
– Watermill Aberfeldy, Birnam Arts, Dunked (David)
– Quirky Coo and McManus (Abby)
– website (Craig, when launch date established)
– Rosie estimates 70-80 copies have been sold
– Press release: Abby to finalise when launch date known. And she will pursue possible quotes from Esther and/or Zoe.
– launch: 3 possible time frames – 9-11, 16-18 or 23-24 August.
– All members will be circulated when date finalised to seek availability
– Blow-ups of illustrations of stories could be displayed (Craig)

(b) New Project
– general discussion confirmed outline made at the last meeting.
– all members to suggest a potential theme for next meeting (in person or by email)
The volume of response will be a measure of members’ commitment.

(c ) Accommodation:
To be investigated
– fire station (Richard)
– libraries (Roddie)
– Abertay (Abby)
– church halls (Craig)
Other related issues are to keep the University option £20 per session) under review, and to revisit the times that we meet (eg 6-8 or the likes).

(d) other related items:
Roddie will send round details of a writing event organised by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
He will also contact local writer Andrew Murray Scott for an endorsement of Fifty Shades.

2. Writing.
3 pieces submitted.

1. Go With the Flow. (David C.)
Reactions mainly concerned making clear where the protagonist was and in what condition he was, although the opening metaphor of memory as a river was well received. The voice is unconvincing as it stands.

2. A Mixtie Maxtie o’ Mountain Destinations (Roddie)
An energetic and colourful description of many mountains and associated memories. Written in Scots,
which gives it a muscular tone. Clever structure (“A’the airts” takes us south and east and west and
north). Do you need to know the munros to appreciate it? Probably not, although acquaintanceship gives
a certain immediacy.

3. Clubs for Trumps (Roddie)
Roddie calls this a “Talking Blues.” As a resume of the Donald’s mangled and egotistical mayhem it is highly effective, as are the numerous
germane historical references. The last line of each stanza neatly summarises the previous lines’ invective.

Meeting closed with warm thanks to Aileen for hosting us.

Next Meeting – Wednesday 8 August at 7pm in the Avery

David C. 28 July 2018

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