Tedious Talks On Telemetry – National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day today, so here’s something from one our group’s poets – Richard Gillies

Tedious Talks on Telemetry

Rehearsed smugness, wry smile,
I agree with the sentiment it’s all vile.
Let’s return a certain uncertainty, tripping on a wire,
All this mock gravitas, it’s patently dire.

Oh for a little deliberation, some shuffling of notes,
Or misattributed adages and vulgar anecdotes.
a pitcher of water, but no glass in tow,
a little more unpreparedness, a little less good to go.

But it’s not what you know, but how you deport,
Waving your arms, like a semaphore hill fort.
Pointing with laser power, with all its pointless charm,
Prophesying a chain reaction like a chain-smoking smoke alarm.

Stating the bleeding obvious with ill-advised élan,
Standing so imperious because of course you can.
Asking important questions that no one knows for why,
Stressing with yogic hands like some enlightened guy.

So why not turn off your smartphone and go for a walk,
And work off that pork pie and make the neighbours talk.
You will hear more sense from spoke clackers on a bike,
Than some bumptious blogger wearing an over-ear mike.

Richard Gillies – August 2018

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